FSW | Pinpoints Dutch foodservice for over 25 years

"Shares knowledge, pinpoints food trends..." | Foodservice watcher Ubel Zuiderveld bears over 25 years of experience pinpointing the Dutch foodservice market. He started of in 1991 as an editor and editor in chief of some of the most influential tradejournals in the Dutch foodservice business. Nowadays he is an independent foodservice watcher, supplying market research, readings and presentations, media content and one-off productions.

Food 500 | FSW Zuiderveld developed market overviews such as the Dutch fast food rankings, the Dutch catering rankings and, more recently, the FSIN Food 500. The FSIN Food 500 is a yearly ranking containing all foodconcepts and -companies, food retail and foodservice, where the Dutch consumers buy their food and beverage. It accounts for about 80 per cent of all spendings on f&b in the Netherlands.

BNN Television, surrounded by all-female foodbloggers.

Books | Furthermore foodservice watcher Ubel Zuiderveld published books such as McSucces (about mcmarketing and mcmanagement) and Febo, een fenomeen (concerning the Dutch food automat company Febo). The latter is one of several books Zuiderveld wrote about the typical Dutch snack culture. On this subject he is regarded upon as the ultimate expert in the Netherlands. Occasionaly he comments on this and other foodservice subjects in the public media.

Bio in short | ● 1962 born in Groningen ● 1982 School of Journalism in Utrecht ● 1985 allround journalist and journalist for daily newspapers in Groningen ● 1990 independent journalist for trade journals in Rotterdam ● 1992 editorial manager for Reed Business Information, newseditor Misset Horeca, editor in chief Snackkoerier, Catering Magazine and Exite Out ● 2002 owner XF Media and BV Music Maker in Winterswijk ● 2006 Foodservice Watcher, editor in chief of FoodExpress, manager research and publications FoodService Instituut Nederland.

Recently | ● 2016 research reports for FSIN about food delivery, the gourmet burger market and the Dutch halal market, editor in chief of Frituurwereld ● 2015 publication of the local food book De Smaak van Winterswijk, publication of selected food columns Zout zoet bitter zuur ● 2014 publication of the book Nationaal Snack Handboek ● 2013 development and implementation of the FSIN Food 500, ranking all companies where Dutch consumers buy their food and beverage ● 2012 McSucces, the first original book in Dutch about McDonald's.

About FSW in English

Ubel Zuiderveld ben ik sinds 1962. Foodservicewatcher sinds 1991. Ik volg, onderzoek en duid food & beverage buitenshuis. Via MMPP. Marktanalyses. Mediacontent. Presentaties. Producties.

Marktanalyses en onderzoek | FSW verricht in opdracht onderzoek. Op basis van openbare bronnen, cijfers en interviews. Voorbeeld: onderzoek naar burgermarkt en delivery voor het FSIN.

Mediacontent en vakjournalistiek | Artikelen en analyses van FSW verschijnen in print en digitale media. Zoals Food Strategy, Misset Horeca, Hanos Courant en Frituurwereld.

Presentaties en lezingen | FSW verzorgt presentaties en lezingen. Voor FSIN, Domino's, Hanos, Febo, Reed Elsevier, Qbtec, VKGE, FFC, Mora en KHN.

Producties en concepten | Foodservice Watcher ontwikkelt gezaghebbende marktoverzichten. Zoals FSIN's Top 500 van alle Nederlandse foodverkopers en Misset Horeca's Top 100.

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